Instructions for Use of the California State Lands Commission Online Payment Portal 

‌1) Have your invoice or email of deposit ready.
2) Use the numbers in the upper righthand corner or in email use your application number and submission date.
3) Have your payment information ready. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and E-check. 
• Payment by E-check is no processing fee. Payment by credit card is a 3% processing fee.

4) You will need to enter both reference numbers below from your invoice or notification.   • RA Invoice - enter Invoice Number in Reference1, enter RA Number in Reference2 • Rent Invoice - enter Invoice Number in Reference1, enter Lease/Permit Number in Reference2 • Application Deposits - enter Lease/Permit Application Number in Reference1, enter Application Submission Date (example 9/1/2022) in Reference2

Enter Reference1:

Enter Reference2: